A History of Christ the King Episcopal Church

 Initially, some members of Trinity Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara including Floyd and Clarice Newman and Don and Judy Griesinger formed a prayer group exploring the renewing work of the Holy Spirit elsewhere in the Episcopal Church.

  • 1967 - the Newmans and the Griesingers attended an organizational meeting by the Dean of the Convocation of the Dioceses of Los Angeles regarding the formation of a new family-oriented Episcopal church in the Goleta Valley. Dr. Donald Greisinger agreed to lead the effort claiming Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord build the house, those who build it labor in vain.” The first service was held on July 23, 1967 in a rented vacant church building on Hollister Avenue in Goleta presided over by Judy Griesinger’s father, The Reverend Canon Poland Miller.
  • 1968 - Father Bob Harvey was called to be the first Vicar of the Christ the King Mission congregation. Father Harvey’s relationship within the renewal movement enabled Christ the King to host periodic meetings that dealt openly and directly with the charismatic awakening within the Episcopal Church.
  • 1973 - When the rented church building was sold to another church, services were held in the gymnasium of Bishop Garcia Diego High School and a multi-purpose room called Room 41.
  • 1975 – through a miraculous chain of events the church was able to purchase a piece of prime real estate on the main thoroughfare through Goleta, Hollister Avenue.
  • 1977 – new church building was erected and dedicated in 1978. As a reminder of the ‘wilderness sojourn’ in the high school facility, the new multi-purpose room was named   Room 41.
  • 1982 - Father Bob Harvey passed away suddenly.
  • 1983 - Father Don Stivers was called as the second Vicar of Christ the King and began his ministry in 1983. His ministry brought a sense of pastoral stability to the early years of charismatic foundations until he retired in 1991.
  • 1992 - Father Brian Cox was called to be the third Vicar/first Rector of Christ the King on March 1.
  • 1992 - Christ the King began its extensive outreach ministry, both local and global.
  • 1992 - Father Brian Cox led the first CTK short-term mission to East-Central Europe in August.
  • 1992 - Christ the King became a Parish on December 5.
  • 1996 - The first Faith-Based Reconciliation Workshop was conducted in September.
  • 2000 - Christ the King began its involvement in Kashmir.
  • 2005 - Christ the King began its involvement in the Middle East - Syria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan.
  • 2008 - Christ the King began the ministry of healing prayer in the public square.
  • 2012 - The vision of the Hollister Corrider as a "Healing Corrider" occurred in June, 2012
Worshiping in the high school gymnasium ca. 1973

Worshiping in the high school gymnasium ca. 1973

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