Historical Background of Logo and Tagline

  • This logo/tagline has a rich background in the DNA and history of Christ the King.
  • The core values of the small group that founded  Christ the King on July 23, 1967 and the leadership of Fr. Bob Harvey established the foundation for faith-based reconciliation as part of the DNA of the community.  Hence, the vision of faith-based reconciliation is consistent with those original core values.
  • The original community of Christ the King sought to bring together two diverse groups of people: Episcopal charismatics and social justice advocates.  Hence, Christ the King has always sought to be a bridge community seeking to balance diverse passions.
  • From the beginning Christ the King members have held as a core value the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the empowerment by the Holy Spirit.  We place great value on God changing peoples’ hearts and lives through supernatural grace.
  • For over twenty five years there has been an extraordinary number of counselors and therapists as well as the birth of small groups which reflects a core value on healthy, reconciled relationships between people.
  • In the late 1970’s there was a prophecy given by Katherine Kuhlman at Melodyland in Anaheim that one day a great awakening would come out of Santa Barbara and would spread to the whole world.
  • In 1992 a visiting Nigerian church leader prophesied that one day a great revival would be coming to Santa Barbara and that it would begin at Christ the King.  He counseled Fr. Brian “to keep doing what you’re doing.”
  • In 1992 we launched our first short term mission to East Central Europe.  Since that time Christ the King has had a growing international outreach and mission.  CTK members have been on missions to Germany, Poland Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, England, Austria, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Burundi, Rwanda, Argentina, Brazil, India, Pakistan and China.
  • In 1996 the faith-based reconciliation process was born at Camp Whittier.  
  • The first seminar was conducted for CTK members at St. Mary’s Seminary.  Since that time faith-based reconciliation seminars have been conducted in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Western Massachusetts, Western Louisiana, Northern Indiana, Burundi,Slovakia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Syria, Cyprus, Israel/Palestine.
  • In 1997 Pastor Len Sunukjian had a prophetic message for Fr. Brian, “God’s calling on your life is to pastor a congregation who will influence the nations under your statesman leadership.” (Subsequent events proved to be an affirmation of that prophetic message.)
  • In 1999 Pastor Loren Sandford spoke a prophetic word at the Christ the King Family Camp that we had an anointing as a “prophetic community”, raised up by God with a unique message.
  • In 1999 God provided the International Center For Religion and Diplomacy in Washington DC as political cover for this message and methodology.
  • In 2001 we introduced the faith-based reconciliation process into the conflict in Kashmir and conducted eleven seminars.
  • In 2005 Sheik Salah Kuftaro said to Fr. Brian in Damascus, Syria after listening to his message at Abunour Mosque “This is not the work of a Washington DC – based NGO.  This is the work of the prophets.”
  • In 2005 we introduced the faith-based reconciliation process into the conflict in the Middle East and have conducted seven seminars.
  • Faith-Based Reconciliation Seminars were held at CTK for Kashmiri's in 2007 and Israeli soldiers in 2008 involved the participation of the entire CTK community.
  • In 2008 an Episcopal priest from Seattle who participated in the national “Facing Jerusalem” event gave a prophetic word, “This movement of faith-based reconciliation causes me to feel that we are on the cusp of a great awakening, the likes of which we have never seen.”
  • In 2008 God provided the Straus Institute of Pepperdine University Law School as an academic home for faith-based reconciliation.

Faith-Based Reconciliation is a divinely inspired message and methodology that has been uniquely entrusted to Christ the King as a spiritual home.  It is an expression of our DNA and reflects our calling as a prophetic community.

Years of faithfulness to God’s vision of faith-based reconciliation has yielded fruit in Santa Barbara, the Episcopal Church, East Central Europe, Kashmir and the Middle East.