Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh 2008

Basic Concept

The Faith-Based Reconciliation Movement of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh is a growing movement of people of faith committed to the core values and methodology of faith-based reconciliation as a means of resolving the conflict over Kashmir and as a permanent moral vision for the region.

Our Resolve

We are committed to being messengers of faith-based reconciliation in the cities and villages of the region until this vision takes hold in the hearts of our leaders and people.

We are committed to developing a reconciling spirit in the region which includes:

•    Building bridges between communities in the region and fostering a pluralistic vision of society
•    Confronting walls of hostility in our hearts toward one another
•    Developing a joint problem solving approach to areas of conflict
•    Seeking the common good and addressing systemic injustice
•    Fostering a spirit of forgiveness in the region
•    Helping to heal historical wounds in the region
•    Submitting our own lives to the sovereignty of God consistent with our own religious tradition and encouraging others to do likewise
•    Exhorting our leaders and policymakers to draw on spiritual and moral values in governance
•    Being a prophetic voice and a moral conscience in our societies against evil and injustice

We are committed to being a movement of people of faith.  We are not an organization.  We seek no power or position.  We will know that the movement has reached its intended goal when faith-based reconciliation becomes the defining measure of “Kashmiriyat” and becomes the motivating vision in the hearts of the leaders and people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

We are committed to fostering faith-based reconciliation in Kashmir as a model in the strategic political realm of how religion can be an asset for peacemaking and not just a cause of conflict.

We are committed to offering faith-based reconciliation as a compelling alternative to religious extremism on the one hand and secularism and realpolitik on the other hand.  We are prepared to lift our voices and pens in the marketplace of ideas.