israel/palestine core group

The Israel/Palestine Core Group is a lay-led group of church members whose aim to foster the relationships between our church and our partner churches and agencies in the Middle East. Christ the King Church has partner relationships with three Arab Christian Churches in Palestine and Israel - St. Andrew's in Ramallah, Holy Family in Reineh, and Christ Church in Nazareth, - a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Tel Aviv - Adonai Roi, - and an elementary school - Levi Eshkol School - and the Keren Shemesh Foundation in Beit Shemesh.

The mission of the Core Group is to ...

  • establish and foster people to people relationships with the clergy and members of our partner churches and school;
  • participate in mutually beneficial project with our partners;
  • keep the CTK community informed regarding our partner relationships;
  • keep ourselves informed regarding developments in the Middle East, honoring viewpoints from both Israeli and Palestinian perspectives;
  • pray regularly for our partners.

To that end we ...

  • meet regularly to plan and pray and learn;
  • make regular trips to Israel and Palestine to meet with our partners;
  • research and read material pertinent to the situation in the Middle East;
  • keep the congregation informed about our work with our partners through newsletter articles and occasional presentations;
  • pray for our partner congregations and agencies.