hollister corridor project

The Hollister Corridor Project is a movement of churches based on a prophetic vision that was received during a prayer meeting in June 2012 at one of the Hollister Corridor churches. This vision pointed to the Hollister Corridor as a “Healing Corridor”. Since that time we have come to understand “Healing Corridor” as a Holy Spirit empowered work of healing and reconciliation that includes not only physical, emotional and spiritual healing, but also building bridges between people, dealing with walls of hostility, issues of social justice, forgiveness in relationships, healing historical wounds and making God visible in the Hollister Corridor.  (Christ the King church is located on Hollister Avenue, the main thoroughfare through the city of Goleta. We understand the Hollister Corridor neighborhood as the geographic region around Hollister Avenue between Modoc Road and the Bacara Resort, between the 101 Freeway and the Ocean. )


  • that we are called to bring the churches of the Hollister Corridor together as a demonstrable sign of unity in the Body of Christ and to bring the healing, reconciling work of Jesus into our neighborhood and, particularly Old Town Goleta as the epicenter of our neighborhood.
  • that we as churches are called to be a voice for the voiceless in Old Town Goleta.
  • that we as churches are called to bring the healing ministry of Jesus into the public square in Old Town Goleta.
  • that we as churches are called to be an agent of reconciliation between Anglos and Latinos in the Hollister Corridor.
  • that if we focus on faith-based healing and reconciliation in this definable neighborhood, that the effects of that will spill over into the larger Santa Barbara.



  • Pastors in the Hollister Corridor meet once a month and focus on developing “gospel friendship” with one another.
  • The churches are cooperating on the Give Thanks Goleta program, the Thanksgiving Day meal at Goleta Valley Community Center and the Ecumenical Christmas Caroling event in Old Town.
  • There is a Healing Prayer Booth in front of Santa Cruz Market on Hollister Avenue once a week designed to make the healing ministry of Jesus visible in the public square.