healing prayer ministry

healing prayer as worship

The healing ministry of Jesus has been part of the life of Christ The King since the beginning in 1967 and is a key part of our life together in 3 distinct forms:

  • Healing Prayer in the chapel on Sundays after taking communion.
    Every Sunday, at the 10:30 service, a prayer team is stationed in the chapel for anyone who wants prayer after receiving communion.
  • Healing prayer teams on the third Sunday of each month
    On the third Sunday of each month prayer teams are stationed around the sanctuary for those who want to go up for prayer after the sermon.
  • Healing prayer by our pastor, in our home groups and spontaneous moments.


healing prayer outreach

The Healing Ministry of Jesus is a key part of our local outreach in three forms:

  • Healing Prayer Booth in the public square
    Every Sunday, after the 10:30 service, from 1 to 2 PM, a prayer team sets up a table on the sidewalk next to a market in downtown Goleta with a sign inviting people to stop for prayer.
  • Healing Prayer Hotline
    The Healing Prayer Hotline is a service for all people who desire prayer for a specific need in their life. This is an anonymous, no strings attached opportunity, to receive prayer at any time of the day or night.
  • Healing Prayer Teams praying for non-CTK members
    Prayer teams are available to go, upon request, to prayer for non-church members.


order of Saint Luke

The healing ministry of Jesus is faithfully reflected in the teaching of the Order of St. Luke. It includes:

  • Spiritual healing through sacramental confession
  • Emotional healing by healing of memories
  • Physical healing by prayer & laying on of hands