Faith-Based REconciliation At Christ the King

The integrating vision of Christ the King for our life together, our ministry and our mission is Christ’s ministry of reconciliation. Faith-based reconciliation as a concept and methodology is based on the teachings and work of Canon Brian Cox.

Faith-Based Reconciliation as a methodology is a religious framework for peacemaking.

The Faith-Based Reconciliation process utilizes a series of presentations and small group
exercises, culminating in a Service of Reconciliation to explain the core values of faith-based reconciliation, empower participants in reconciliation/peacebuilding skills and provide a climate that will change hearts as well as minds.

Christ The King has conducted many local faith-based reconciliation initiatives since 1996 that have included pastors, community leaders, Jewish/Christian reconciliation and racial reconciliation. At the present time Christ The King has a partner relationship with Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Together we have established a racial reconciliation initiative.

For more information about the national and global impact of the Faith-Based Reconciliation ministry, click here.