About Our Logo and Tagline

The cross is central to our identity as a faith community centered on Jesus Christ.  The cross represents the supreme act of faith-based reconciliation in history; reconciling people with God and with each other.

1.   The rays of light symbolize the Abrahamic blessing of faith-based reconciliation, the heart of the gospel.  The  rays of light emanate from the cross which symbolizes the power of the cross to bring transformational change to people and societies.  This is the basis for hope.

2.   The globe symbolizes that Christ the King has both a local and global mission.  The globe presents the face of the Middle East which symbolizes that the Abrahamic blessing of faith-based reconciliation was born in the land of the prophets, the Holy Land, but was meant as a gift for all nations.

3.  The tagline “transforming people and societies” is a reminder that the heart of the gospel is about transformation: changed hearts, lives, relationships and societies.

4.   The tagline “through faith-based reconciliation” is a message that God has entrusted into our hands with the expectation that we will be a blessing to the Santa Barbara community and beyond.

To learn more about the historical background of our logo and tagline, click here.