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Faith-Based Reconciliation: a moral vision that transforms people and societies

FAITH-BASED RECONCILIATION A Moral Vision That Transforms People and Societies Written by an experienced practitioner in the field of faith-based diplomacy who has worked in some of the world's roughest neighborhoods, this book begins with the premise that moral vision plays a key role in shaping individuals and communities. It's primary message is that the Abrahamic moral vision shared by Jews, Christians and Muslims, which is embodied as faith-based reconciliation, is a fresh approach to intractable identity-based conflict, an alternative to religious extremism and an ancient paradigm needed for the twenty first century. A must read for today's policymakers and for political, religious and social leaders.


faith-based diplomacy: the work of the prophets

The rise of religion and religious actors combined with nonstate actors' increasing influence in the international order has become the new normal. These fundamental changes in the security environment call for a new paradigm to address national security concerns. That paradigm must acknowledge the cultural and historical factors at the heart of many identity-based conflicts and advance the role of nation-states in resolving them. That emerging paradigm is faith-based diplomacy, and this book-written by one of the world's leading experts-describes the principles and methodology of this form of engagement in the strategic political realm. It is informed by twenty-five years of experience in some of the world's roughest neighborhoods, including East Central Europe and the Balkans, Sudan, Kashmir, and the Middle East. Canon Brian Cox is an ordained Episcopal priest; a pastor in Santa Barbara, California; a diplomat with a Washington, DC, nongovernmental organization; and a professor in a law school–based conflict-resolution program in Southern California.