The School of Discipleship

The School of Discipleship operates on seven tracks:  

The Conversion Track consists of the basic foundations of Christian discipleship, the dynamics of Anglican culture and worship and the vision, life and mission of Christ the King.  This track will be offered in the form of our intensive weekend Discovery program and the Life In The Spirit seminar.

The Discipleship Track consists of the basic practices of faithful and fruitful discipleship that build upon the foundations.

The Family Track is designed to teach, train and  encourage our members in being twenty first century faith-based families.

The Burning Issues Track is designed to empower our members to reflect deeply on how our faith informs contemporary issues in society.

The Reconciliation Track is designed to train people in the skills of being an instrument of reconciliation in our local community and beyond.

The Abrahamic Track is designed to empower our members with an Abrahamic moral vision and the basic tools for healing the broken family of Abraham.

The Biblical Track is designed to introduce our members to the books and basic narrative of the Old and New Testaments.

Program Schedule
Courses are offered on Sunday mornings during the Adult Education time between the two worship services and at other designated times.